Discover and Resolve interference-factor(s) that hinders you from achieving your ideal yoga practice!

Bridging You to Yoga

Whether you are curious or serious about yoga, this seminar supports the deepening of your practise, by allowing you to identify the Missing-Piece to achieve your ideal yoga practice!

✔︎  Tame the busy mind and looping thoughts 

✔︎  Recognise 'storage' of emotional baggages  

✔︎  History behind doing or holding 'difficult' poses

✔︎  "Stretching" without “Forcing”

✔︎  The missing-factors to achieve unity, and alignment between your physical-mind-emotional-spiritual bodies, while seeking peace with people in your environment; leads you to Re-unite with your complete-being!

Re-unite with your complete-being

Re-Uniting to your complete being:


I'm Coming

Registration starts 6:45pm

Kindly register early, to secure your attendance and avoid disappointment.  


It would be GREAT to see you!

Venue: TBA

Wednesday, Oct 4th 

@ 7:00PM - 9:00PM

Seminar Fee: $10

In this Talk, we will address:-

✔  Factors 'missing' for alignment to re-establish a complete being

✔  Facts and myths about Mental Stress

✔  Critical importance of Emotional health

✔  Possible impact of neglecting any the above factors, on our physical body and spiritual health in general

We will demonstrate:-

✔  A Hands-on technique where you too can apply easily:-

     - To help switch-off and calm the busy mind...etc. 

     - Ease challenges, without compromising the opportunity to understand your true being.

Don't miss out the important and critical information which could be missing, which gets in your way to achieve the ideal breathe, specific yoga pose, or health in general... etc.

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