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Understanding Ways That Can 'PREVENT' Unresolved Problems and Genetic Diseases From Being Passed-Down To Next and Future Generations!

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Tuesday, August 1st 

@ 6:30PM - 9:30PM

Revealing an Individual's Process to Symptom and Disease Manifestation

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Irene Khor

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 Messages From Your Body

3-Hour Free Workshop

...why, eliminating any symptoms frequently and too quickly, compromises the opportunity of your body's attempt to get-in-touch with you to fully resolve any problems and underlying 'causes'.

✔︎ How the body actually 'speaks'!

✔︎ Cure is not achieved by alleviating symptoms, but through updating the 'software of the bodymind'. 

✔︎ Only your body knows what the root of the problem is! So, are we over-relying on others' to tell us what's wrong, what needs to be done and disempower ourselves?

✔︎ Ways to recognise the clues of imbalances, and learn to decide for self and prevent problem from recurring in future.

Whether you are curious or serious about health, you'll find out...

Your personal solution to long term health

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