3-Critical Steps prior to making Plans and New Year Resolutions

Jan 25, 2018 (Thursday): 12:00PM - 2:30PM

This Month's Topic:  Be "Change-Inspired"

This Month's SelfCare Circle

Many of us have set GOALs in our lives, yet how many times it didn't lasts for more than 60-days, or something else interfered or interrupted the plans. 

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Sessions will be alternating between a weekday and Saturday afternoon.

BodyTalk Access graduates ~ pick-up practical tips and evaluate what's the body missing in your goal-setting process.

MindScape graduates ~ re-visit your workshop! Understand why it is called, "the Living Metaphor"! Tips to use your workshop to revaluate past or current plans, by understanding HOW To re-enter, observe and 'interpret messages' of your inner world ~ faster, fun and effectively!!! 

  • Why previous years' goal setting hasn't worked for you!
  • Incorporating 3-Brain Complex with each 3-Critical Steps.
  • How much of those "GOALs" set, includes and benefited the Inner you, when its achieved ???!!!

Date:     Jan 25 (Thursday), 2018

Time:    12:00 - 2:30PM (RSVP by Jan 15th, 2018)

Cost:     $15 per session (This month's session is exclusively for MindScape and Access Graduates Only.)

Venue: 40, Shelford Road

This session, we investigate THE 3-Critical Steps that's missing, in setting 'GOAL's or make new resolutions that is practical and inspiring!

In this circle, we gather to review, practise and infuse knowledge learnt into our daily life.

This can be your energetic re-charge, sharing and finding your own routine-system for self-care.

A platform where like-minded people with interest in wellness and natural healing gathers, to exchange experiences and healing treatments on each other and as a group.

~ Power of Sharing and Group Healing ~


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Our vision

We empower each other to sharpen skills learnt and utlize in daily life, to making existence matters!

For ourselves and for those around us!!!

Irene Khor | Human Direction Finder

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