✔︎ Quality sleep: recommended criteria vs. internal requirements.

✔︎ Healthy sleep tips, that fits your body's unique needs to prevent poor quality sleep from prolonging.

✔︎ Solution is not achieved by alleviating symptoms, but through addressing the 'source of the problems'.

Sleep To Heal

Whether you are curious or serious about impact on sleep on health and productivity, you'll find out...

Introductory Seminar (no cost) 

What's Missing - To having your “personal recipe” to a GOOD, quality sleep

✔ A Hands-on techniques where you too can apply easily:-

     - To help switch-off the busy mind, relax...etc.

     - To ease the time and process of falling 

       asleep , without compromising the       

       opportunity to understand real messages     

       from your body.

✔ Use on yourself, friends and family members immediately.

✔ Extend of effects you could've missed from having a Good Sleep.

✔ Facts and myths about sleeping 

✔ What messages your body tries to convey to you via sleep disorders (Fears, Worry, Hormonal imbalance?)

✔ What natural options and simple self-help tools available for you?

In this Talk, we will address:-

We will demonstrate:-

Wednesday, Oct 11

@ 6:45PM - 9:00PM

Kindly register early, to secure your attendance and avoid dissappointment.  


It would be GREAT to see you!

I'm Coming


Irene and Wee Feng will jointly present to you, natural solutions for having a good, quality sleep according to your body's requirements and lifestyle.

Unifying their expertise in the amazing BodyTalk System and the historical medicine of Reflexology.

So, it doesn't compromise health, expectations and quality life in the long run.

Irene Khor


Ng Wee Feng

Certified Reflexologist

Certified BodyTalk Instructor and Advanced Practitioner

Seminar Details

Venue: 1, Kovan Road

Kovan Residences, Singapore 544915